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Paris, Montpellier, Grenoble, Rennes, Nantes, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Tessaloniki, Rhodos, Braga, New York, Atlanta, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Bogota .... And why not YOU ?

Most people say : The 3D Revolution is not for me because it is too complicated, too expansive, too technological. It is always true when you intend to use 3D scanners, 3D FDM printers BUT The BobbleShop solution is NOT a 3D Scanner and NOT a 3D FDM printer.

The BobbleShop is a unique packaged service that allows any individual, without any 3D experience, to create and print amazing colored 3D figurines in a couple of seconds. Just unpack the system, plug it on the wall and let\\\'s get started with selling high quality figurines in whatever shop, retail store, gift store, museum, amusement park and more.

Is The BobbleShop solution expensive ?  What if the payback of the solution should be 3 to 6 months depending on the store location

Is The BobbleShop complicated to use ? What if you could get started in one hour of your time and you could use it without any skills in 3D of any kind

Is The BobbleShop for my clients ? What if your client could buy and offer amazing 3D personalized figurines for a public price as low as 19.90 US$

Just try and you should be convinced like all our customer in the world !!!

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 Since the last TCT event and The BobbleShop announcement, we are pleased to live the fastest growing business ever seen on the 3D consumer market.

For instance, within the last month, we have signed up numerous agreements for both opening 3D shops in France, The Netherlands, Egypt, Greece, Portugal or distributing The BobbleShop franchise in several countries such as Greece, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, SouthEast Asia, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Emirates, Egypt. These partners joined the team and we are very happy to populate our solution everywhere thus offering to the consumers the ability to buy personalized objects for more pleasure, souvenirs and fun.


The best example should be probably the integration of Digiteyezer solution as MyEasy3D Photobooth (A STAPLES Brand) in the Mediamarkt superstore in Amsterdam who opened on November 21st, 2013. At Mediamarkt, consumers can buy in a minute or so an amazing 3D figurines personalized with their faces into awesome characters such as a football player, a super hero, a Santa  Claus, a vampire,  a skier, etc ... for as low as 14,90 € per figurine.

Visit The BobbleShop and discover a brand new opportunity



Digiteyezer is the first company on the market delivering 3D scanning applications dedicated to the consumer market. With our amazing applications, you can scan your face in a couple of seconds and then use your lifelike avatar for printing automatically amazing 3D figurines, try new hairstyles or new hair coloring in your favorite hairdresser salon orplay in your videos games with your personalized 3D realistic character. 




Digiteyezer is expanding its territory coverage and is thus looking for value added partners who will be able to promote and resell our products on a local territory. 3D scanners or 3D printers resellers are welcome in our network of professional partners.

Interested into distributing our solutions : just send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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